Bettles City Council

2015 Bettles City Council Members
  • Heather Fox (Mayor)
  • Eric Fox (Fire Chief)
  • Rich Thorne (Temporary Head of Roads & Trails)
  • Richard Osburn
  • Seat E (Vacant)
  • Seat F (Vacant)
  • Seat G (Vacant)


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Code of Ordinances

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  1. This is a great step forward; thanks to the originator. This would be the forum to voice concerns, condemnations, and yes, commendations. In spite of the, seemingly incessant, contention our Council has made considerable progress as we enter the light of transparency, clarity, and openness that defines democracy. It must continue.

    1. Keep up the good work.

      The efforts of the new City Council are seen as a positive step forward for our community. Hopefully, all citizens of Bettles and Evansville as well as the outgoing board members will be supporting them in any way possible to bring about a smooth transition.

  2. To the City Council of Bettles;

    As a cabin owner & leasee on Evansville Inc. land and a business owner and wilderness guide that has been leading trips into the Central Brooks Range for 41 years I would like to express my great disappointment with the resolution adopted by the City Council of Bettles in support of the road to Ambler.

    Not everybody that lives in the Bettles/Evansville area is in support of this road. In fact, I suspect that the majority of the people that live in the Bettles/Evansville community are against this road.

    Not only will this road pass through private property owned by Evansville Inc., but sufficient other lands are not available for parking, housing and feeding the construction workers that would be necessary for the construction of this road and its associated bridges in the Bettles area.

    Has anyone stopped to ask the residents of Evansville or the tribal council how they feel about the road? What does the Evansville Inc. think of the road?

    Why should the state of Alaska spend hundreds of millions of dollars building a road to mines owned by multinational corporations and not allow the Alaskan public to utilize this road.

    It is a act of self deceit for the Bettles City Council to expect the state of Alaska to keep this road closed to the public forever. It will eventually be opened and every John, Dick & Harry from Faribanks and Anchorage will be running all over the southern slopes of the Brooks Range in their 4-wheelers, snowmobiles and motor boats.

    Bettles will be changed forever. It will never again be the place it is today.

    You say you can keep the hunters out. Good luck. It just won't happen. Not for long.

    This is a big mistake.

    Yes, a road to Bettles could make life easier for Bettles residents, but is that why people live in Bettles, because they want an easy life. No! People live in Bettles because there is no permanent road there. Most people have elected to live here because of its remoteness, because of its inaccessibility. With the road to Ambler this will be changed forever.

    I would like these comments to be incorporated into the minutes of the next City Council meeting scheduled for July 12.

    Thanks for this opportunity to express my opposition to the road to Ambler.


    Ron Yarnell

  3. Hoar frost on branches of birch,
    delicate whimsy
    under starlight sharp as ice.

  4. The foot is used to describe Bettles elevation, but all standards of measure are too small in measuring ones elation
    when viewing its aura, flora, fauna, and aurora.
    Our standard, our soul, our stoics, the Brooks

    There's less than half the population as stated on the sign
    which only serves to double the ethereal ambiance of Bettles winter stillness, solitude, Sentinel of the Brooks.

    Yet, when all is said and done what words describe ones capture,
    unrelenting, unseen, but ever-present, silent and overpowering
    force to remain--forever in Bettles on the Koyukuk
    Owned by the Brooks

    Hither--thither--yonder we might go
    to replenish don't you know
    but without exception, returning always
    to Bettles in the snow.
    Haloed by the Brooks

    Brooks, parents of Bettles
    shed not tears in making the Koyukuk
    But we sure would in leaving
    Worse watching progress
    Long live Bettles by the Koyukuk
    Guardian to the Brooks
    Long live the Brook

  5. Wind through the willows; spruces sloughing soft
    Snow on the Brooks, whitefronts aloft
    Rivers rhythm
    Observes the schism
    Whup Whup Whup Whup

    Fluorescence waving in the wind; bronze mushrooms on the ground
    Foaming Koyukuk; blue floaters coming down
    Falltime beavers foodlot ferver
    Flying Beaver's sound: shut to silence
    Whup Whup Whup Whup

    Where we've been, but cannot go again
    We've improved, obsessed, possessed
    What's not ours we've transgressed
    Who speaks our ears never hear
    Wonders of the earth we've held so dear
    Whup Whup Whup Whup

    Jon Dos Passos got it right, but
    It tolls for all
    Felt not the earth move
    Not anymore
    Whup Whup Whup Whup

    Stygian Koyukuk
    River of Bridges
    Bettles suborned
    Brooks transformed